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- 1.4.52
- 1.4.52 - 2018-11-28
* [mysql] MySQL 8 deprecates my_bool
* [core] typo in trace
* [build] Fix unportable test(1) operator
* [core] perf: call connection_reset() fewer times
* [core] perf: array_reset_data_strings()
* [core] perf: buffer_free_ptr() __attribute__ cold
* [core] perf: one-element cache for host normalize
* [core] perf: buffer_copy_string_len()
* [core] perf: skip redundant prepare copy calls
* [core] perf: buffer_align_size() identity if align
* [core] perf: size write buffers for reuse
* [core] perf: prepend headers directly into write q
* [core] perf: copy small strings; better buf reuse
* [core] perf: copy small strings; extend last chunk
* [core] perf: specialized func for array sorting
* [core] perf: append response directly into write q
* [core] perf: better buf reuse reading from backend
* [core] chunk.c code reuse
* [multiple] perf: write headers to backend write cq
* [multiple] perf: power-2 alloc large headers
* [multiple] perf: use larger initial backend buffer
* [core] permit env vars to be set with blank value
* [mod_fastcgi] perf: reduce data copies
* [mod_fastcgi] perf: reduce data copies
* [core] perf: chunk.c chunk pool
* [multiple] perf: reuse large buffers w/ backend
* [multiple] better packing of struct chunk
* [core] perf: inline buffer_append_string_buffer()
* [core] slightly simpler flag append to string
* [mod_cgi] perf: reuse buffers for creating CGI env
* [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] perf: env accumulation
* [core] Don't call RAND_cleanup with OpenSSL 1.1.x
* [mod_openssl] move SSL_shutdown() to separate func
* [mod_openssl] SSL_read before second SSL_shutdown
* [mod_cgi] perf: use stat_cache for cgi handler
* [mod_openssl] prefer using TLS_server_method()
* [mod_webdav] return 403 if file should exist
* [core] perf: chunkqueue buffers already sized up
* [core] perf: simpler buffer_string_space()
* [multiple] dynamic handlers hint backend header sz
* [core] use chunk_buf_sz instead of hard-coded num
* [multiple] perf: simplify chunkqueue_get_memory()
* [mod_wstunnel] perf: reuse large buffers
* [mod_cgi] perf: cache getenv() results at start up
* [core] fix 301 -> 302 overwrite with Location (fixes #2918)
* [core] fix setting of headers previously reset (fixes #2919)
* [mod_webdav] quiet coverity false positive
* [core] server.compat-module-load = "disable"
* [core] server.chunkqueue-chunk-sz = 4096
* [core] perf: simpler buffer_string_space() (fixed)
* [core] perf: faster HTTP pipelined requests
* [core] perf: simpler buffer_string_space() (tests)
* [mod_cgi] reset reused buffer on internal redir
* [core] clear chunk buffer upon release
* [mod_fastcgi] minor: copy packet without padding
* [mod_redirect,mod_rewrite] use server_name
* [mod_fastcgi] transfer chunks minus packet padding
* [core] separate func to reset FILE_CHUNK
* [core] perf: simple, quick buffer_clear()
* [core] perf: small improvement to encoding CGI var
* [core] perf: small improvement buffer_string_space
* [core] simpler physical path concatenation
* [mod_webdav] fix LOCK on incorrect URI path
* [mod_webdav] one fewer buffer copy for COPY,MOVE
* [core] perf: simplify buffer_move()
* [mod_cml] parse query string without modifying it
* [core] perf: buffer optimizations
* [mod_wstunnel] use buffer_string_length()
* [core] perf: inline buffer_copy_buffer()
* [core] cygwin helper func for getcwd
* [core] cygwin sample to run lighttpd under NSSM
* [core] limit con->uri.authority < 1024 octets
* [mod_webdav] separate func for each request method
* [core] reject decoded url-path without leading '/'
* [multiple] validate UTF-8 in url-decoded paths
* [mod_proxy] silence coverity false positive
* [core] fix typo
* [core] buffer_append_path_len()
* [core] quiet indexfile warning if mod not loaded
- 1.4.51 - 2018-10-14
* [core] split parsing header line into separate function