[autobuild] remove obsolete warning about mmap use

lighttpd protects against SIGBUS when accessing mmap'd files
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Glenn Strauss 2017-10-28 23:02:32 -04:00
parent f394207d5f
commit caab4cdf8a
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@ -1184,14 +1184,13 @@ if test "$ipv6" = true; then
# disable mmap by default; if a mmapped file gets truncated, the process gets a SIGBUS signal
# on reading the truncated area which we can't handle (yet).
# disable mmap by default
# lighttpd may always use mmap with files it owns (created tmp files)
AC_MSG_CHECKING([use mmap if available (dangerous)])
AC_MSG_CHECKING([use mmap if available])
[use mmap if available (DANGEROUS, allows local users to trigger SIGBUS crashes)]
[use mmap if available]
case "${enableval}" in