updated NEWS file with latest changes and last TODO for the release of 1.4.7

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- 1.4.7 - 2005-10-..
* added FD_CLOEXEC to fds which are kept open for a longer time
* added smaller, moving mmaped windows to network_writev
* added madvise() to instruct the kernel the do proper read-ahead in network_writev
* added support for %I in mod_accesslog
* added better compat to Apache for ?auto in mod_status
* added support for userdirs without a entry in /etc/passwd in mod_userdir
* workaround missing client-bug by assuming we received a close-notify on
non-keep-alive requests in SSL request
* disabled kerberos5 support by default to fix compilation on RHEL
* fixed order of library checks to fix compilation on Solaris 9
* fixed open file-descriptors on read-error
* fixed crash if /var/tmp is not writable
* TODO: added startup-time selectable network-backend
* TODO: export location of upload-files to config as array
* TODO: add debugging to mod_webdav
- 1.4.6 - 2005-10-09
* fixed compilation on MacOS X and cygwin