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- 1.4.56 - unreleased
- 1.4.56 - 2020-11-29
* [core] perf: request processing
* [core] http_header_str_contains_token()
* [mod_flv_streaming] parse query string w/o copying
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* [mod_accesslog] update defaults after cycling log
* [multiple] add some missing config cleanup
* [core] fix (startup) mem leaks in configparser.y
* [core] STAILQ_* -> SIMPLEQ_* on OpenBSD
* [tests] OpenBSD crypt() support limited to bcrypt
* [build] mark dependencies on crypto lib for MD5()
* [build] use pkg-config with wolfssl
* [mod_wolfssl] use more wolfssl/options.h defines
* [mod_wolfssl] cripple SNI if not built OPENSSL_ALL
* [mod_wolfssl] need to build --enable-alpn for ALPN
* [mod_secdownload] fix compile w/ NSS on FreeBSD
* [build] fix lib paths for GnuTLS, NSS
* [build] add --with-brotli to meson.build
* [build] CMake mod_openssl, mod_wolfssl can coexist
* [build] CMake use pkg_check_modules() w/ wolfssl
* [build] detect nss3/nss.h or nss/nss.h for NSS
* [build] WITHOUT_LIB_CRYPTO option in code
* [build] adjust meson.build for use by OpenWRT
* [mod_mbedtls] wrap addtl code in preproc defines
* [TLS] server.feature-flags "ssl.session-cache"
* [core] workaround fragile code in wolfssl types.h
* [core] move misplaced error trace to match option
* [core] adjust wolfssl workaround for another case
* [multiple] consistent order for crypto lib select
* [multiple] include mbedtls/config.h after select
* [multiple] include wolfssl/options.h after select
* [core] set NSS_VER_INCLUDE after crypto lib select
* [core] use system xxhash lib if available
* [build] fix typo in configure.ac
* [build] option to use system-provided libxxhash
* [build] meson --with-xxhash option
* [doc] refresh doc/config/conf.d/mime.conf
* [meson] add matching -I for lua lib version
* [build] prepend search for lua version 5.4
* [core] use inotify in stat_cache.[ch] on Linux
* [build] detect inotify header <sys/inotify.h>
* [mod_nss] update session ticket NSS devel comment
* [core] set last_used on rd/wr from backend (fixes #3029)
* [core] cold func for gw_recv_response error case
* [core] use kqueue() instead of FAM/gamin on *BSD
* [core] no graceful-restart-bg on OpenBSD, NetBSD
* [mod_openssl] add LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER checks
* [core] use struct kevent on stack in stat_cache
* [core] stat_cache preprocessor paranoia
* [mod_openssl] adjust LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER check
* [mod_maxminddb] fix config validation typo
* [tests] allow LIGHTTPD_EXE_PATH override
* [multiple] handle NULL val as empty in *_env_add (fixes #3030)
* [core] accept "HTTP/2.0", "HTTP/3.0" from backends (fixes #3031)
* [build] check for xxhash in more ways
* [core] accept "HTTP/2.0", "HTTP/3.0" from backends (#3031)
* [core] http_response_buffer_append_authority()
* [core] define SHA*_DIGEST_LENGTH macros if missing
* [doc] update optional pkg dependencies in INSTALL
* [mod_alias] validate given order, not sorted order
* [core] filter out duplicate modules
* [mod_cgi] fix crash if initial write to CGI fails
* [mod_cgi] ensure tmp file open() before splice()
* [multiple] add back-pressure gw data pump (fixes #3033)
* [core] fix bug when HTTP/2 frames span chunks
* [multiple] more forgiving config str to boolean (fixes #3036)
* [core] check for __builtin_expect() availability
* [core] quiet more request parse errs unless debug
* [core] consolidate chunk size checks
* [mod_flv_streaming] use stat_cache_get_entry_open
* [mod_webdav] pass full path to webdav_unlinkat()
* [mod_webdav] fallbacks if _ATFILE_SOURCE not avail
* [mod_fastcgi] move src/fastcgi.h into src/compat/
* [mod_status] add additional HTML-encoding
* [core] server.v4mapped option
* [mod_webdav] workaround for gvfs dir redir bug
- 1.4.55 - 2020-01-31
* [core] fix compile error on Solaris (fixes #2959)