[mod_openssl] use 16k static buffer instead of 64k

better match size used by openssl
(avoid unused, oversized reads)
Glenn Strauss 4 years ago
parent 4e6e787a0d
commit 99f8ae0d0d

@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ static int ssl_is_init;
/* need assigned p->id for deep access of module handler_ctx for connection
* i.e. handler_ctx *hctx = con->plugin_ctx[plugin_data_singleton->id]; */
static plugin_data *plugin_data_singleton;
#define LOCAL_SEND_BUFSIZE (64 * 1024)
#define LOCAL_SEND_BUFSIZE (16 * 1024)
static char *local_send_buffer;
typedef struct {
@ -1435,7 +1435,7 @@ load_next_chunk (server *srv, chunkqueue *cq, off_t max_bytes,
chunk *c = cq->first;
/* local_send_buffer is a 64k sendbuffer (LOCAL_SEND_BUFSIZE)
/* local_send_buffer is a static buffer of size (LOCAL_SEND_BUFSIZE)
* it has to stay at the same location all the time to satisfy the needs
* of SSL_write to pass the SAME parameter in case of a _WANT_WRITE