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@ -319,10 +319,21 @@ index-file.names
modules to load
.. note:: the order of the modules is somewhat important as the modules are
handled in the way they are specified. mod_rewrite should always be
the first module, mod_accesslog always the last.
.. note:: the order of the modules is important.
The modules are executed in the order as they are specified. Loading
mod_auth AFTER mod_fastcgi might disable authentication for fastcgi
backends (if check-local is disabled).
As auth should be done first, move it before all executing modules (like
proxy, fastcgi, scgi and cgi).
rewrites, redirects and access should be first, followed by auth and
the docroot plugins.
Afterwards the external handlers like fastcgi, cgi, scgi and proxy and
at the bottom the post-processing plugins like mod_accesslog.
e.g.: ::
server.modules = ( "mod_rewrite",
@ -331,17 +342,17 @@ server.modules
"mod_accesslog" )