[core] comment out unused part of http_etag_remix

note: etag buffer etag->ptr might be NULL (etag->used = etag->sze = 0)
so buffer will need to be extended, not truncated, in that case.
buffer_string_set_length() is typically used to truncate strings.
Glenn Strauss 2 years ago
parent 7cd984c51d
commit 28804e8c80

@ -47,11 +47,15 @@ static void
http_etag_remix (buffer * const etag, const char * const str, const uint32_t len)
uint32_t h = dekhash(str, len, len); /*(pass len as initial hash value)*/
#if 0 /*(currently never elen > 2; always cleared in http_etag_create())*/
uint32_t elen = buffer_string_length(etag);
if (elen > 2) /*(expect "..." if set)*/
h = dekhash(etag->ptr+1, elen-2, h);
buffer_string_set_length(etag, 1);
etag->ptr[0] = '\"';
buffer_copy_string_len(etag, CONST_STR_LEN("\""));
buffer_append_int(etag, h);
buffer_append_string_len(etag, CONST_STR_LEN("\""));