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#ifndef _SPLAY_TREE_H_
#define _SPLAY_TREE_H_
#include "first.h"
typedef struct tree_node {
struct tree_node * left, * right;
int key;
int size; /* maintained to be the number of nodes rooted here */
void *data;
} splay_tree;
splay_tree * splaytree_splay (splay_tree *t, int key);
splay_tree * splaytree_insert(splay_tree *t, int key, void *data);
splay_tree * splaytree_delete(splay_tree *t, int key);
splay_tree * splaytree_size(splay_tree *t);
#define splaytree_size(x) (((x)==NULL) ? 0 : ((x)->size))
/* This macro returns the size of a node. Unlike "x->size", */
/* it works even if x=NULL. The test could be avoided by using */
/* a special version of NULL which was a real node with size 0. */