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#ifndef _BUFFER_H_
#define _BUFFER_H_
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
# include "config.h"
#include "settings.h"
typedef struct {
char *ptr;
size_t used;
size_t size;
} buffer;
typedef struct {
buffer **ptr;
size_t used;
size_t size;
} buffer_array;
typedef struct {
char *ptr;
size_t offset; /* input-pointer */
size_t used; /* output-pointer */
size_t size;
} read_buffer;
buffer_array* buffer_array_init(void);
void buffer_array_free(buffer_array *b);
void buffer_array_reset(buffer_array *b);
buffer *buffer_array_append_get_buffer(buffer_array *b);
buffer* buffer_init(void);
buffer* buffer_init_buffer(buffer *b);
buffer* buffer_init_string(const char *str);
void buffer_free(buffer *b);
void buffer_reset(buffer *b);
int buffer_prepare_copy(buffer *b, size_t size);
int buffer_prepare_append(buffer *b, size_t size);
int buffer_copy_string(buffer *b, const char *s);
int buffer_copy_string_len(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t s_len);
int buffer_copy_string_buffer(buffer *b, const buffer *src);
int buffer_copy_string_hex(buffer *b, const char *in, size_t in_len);
int buffer_copy_long(buffer *b, long val);
int buffer_copy_memory(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t s_len);
int buffer_append_string(buffer *b, const char *s);
int buffer_append_string_len(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t s_len);
int buffer_append_string_buffer(buffer *b, const buffer *src);
int buffer_append_string_lfill(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t maxlen);
int buffer_append_string_rfill(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t maxlen);
int buffer_append_long_hex(buffer *b, unsigned long len);
int buffer_append_long(buffer *b, long val);
#define buffer_copy_off_t(x, y) buffer_copy_long(x, y)
#define buffer_append_off_t(x, y) buffer_append_long(x, y)
int buffer_copy_off_t(buffer *b, off_t val);
int buffer_append_off_t(buffer *b, off_t val);
int buffer_append_memory(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t s_len);
char * buffer_search_string_len(buffer *b, const char *needle, size_t len);
int buffer_is_empty(buffer *b);
int buffer_is_equal(buffer *a, buffer *b);
int buffer_is_equal_right_len(buffer *a, buffer *b, size_t len);
int buffer_is_equal_string(buffer *a, const char *s, size_t b_len);
int buffer_caseless_compare(const char *a, size_t a_len, const char *b, size_t b_len);
typedef enum {
ENCODING_REL_URI, /* for coding a rel-uri (/with space/and%percent) nicely as part of a href */
ENCODING_REL_URI_PART, /* same as ENC_REL_URL plus coding / too as %2F */
ENCODING_HTML, /* & becomes &amp; and so on */
ENCODING_MINIMAL_XML, /* minimal encoding for xml */
ENCODING_HEX /* encode string as hex */
} buffer_encoding_t;
int buffer_append_string_encoded(buffer *b, const char *s, size_t s_len, buffer_encoding_t encoding);
int buffer_urldecode_path(buffer *url);
int buffer_urldecode_query(buffer *url);
int buffer_path_simplify(buffer *dest, buffer *src);
int buffer_to_lower(buffer *b);
int buffer_to_upper(buffer *b);
/** deprecated */
int ltostr(char *buf, long val);
char hex2int(unsigned char c);
char int2hex(char i);
int light_isdigit(int c);
int light_isxdigit(int c);
int light_isalpha(int c);
int light_isalnum(int c);
buffer_append_string_len(x, y, sizeof(y) - 1)
buffer_copy_string_len(x, y, sizeof(y) - 1)
if (x->used > 1 && x->ptr[x->used - 2] != '/') { BUFFER_APPEND_STRING_CONST(x, "/"); }
#define CONST_STR_LEN(x) x, x ? sizeof(x) - 1 : 0
#define CONST_BUF_LEN(x) x->ptr, x->used ? x->used - 1 : 0
#define SEGFAULT() do { fprintf(stderr, "%s.%d: aborted\n", __FILE__, __LINE__); abort(); } while(0)
#define UNUSED(x) ( (void)(x) )