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#ifndef _PLUGIN_H_
#define _PLUGIN_H_
#include "first.h"
#include "base_decls.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "plugin_config.h"
* The status array can carry all the status information you want
* the key to the array is <module-prefix>.<name>
* and the values are counters
* example:
* fastcgi.backends = 10
* = 6
* fastcgi.backend.<key>.load = 24
* fastcgi.backend.<key>....
* fastcgi.backend.<key>.disconnects = ...
extern array plugin_stats;
#define SERVER_FUNC(x) \
static handler_t x(server *srv, void *p_d)
#define CONNECTION_FUNC(x) \
static handler_t x(connection *con, void *p_d)
#define REQUEST_FUNC(x) \
static handler_t x(request_st *r, void *p_d)
#define INIT_FUNC(x) \
__attribute_cold__ \
static void *x(void)
#define FREE_FUNC(x) \
__attribute_cold__ \
static void x(void *p_d)
#define SETDEFAULTS_FUNC __attribute_cold__ SERVER_FUNC
#define SIGHUP_FUNC __attribute_cold__ SERVER_FUNC
#define PLUGIN_DATA int id; \
int nconfig; \
config_plugin_value_t *cvlist; \
struct plugin *self
2019-10-22 02:49:59 +00:00
typedef struct {
} plugin_data_base;
struct plugin {
void *data;
/* is called ... */
handler_t (* handle_uri_raw) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* after uri_raw is set */
handler_t (* handle_uri_clean) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* after uri is set */
handler_t (* handle_docroot) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* getting the document-root */
handler_t (* handle_physical) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* mapping url to physical path */
handler_t (* handle_request_env) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* (deferred env populate) */
handler_t (* handle_request_done) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* at the end of a request */
handler_t (* handle_subrequest_start) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* when handler for request not found yet */
handler_t (* handle_subrequest) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* handler for request (max one per request) */
handler_t (* handle_response_start) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* before response headers are written */
handler_t (* connection_reset) (request_st *r, void *p_d); /* after request done or request abort */
handler_t (* handle_connection_accept) (connection *con, void *p_d); /* after accept() socket */
handler_t (* handle_connection_shut_wr)(connection *con, void *p_d); /* done writing to socket */
handler_t (* handle_connection_close) (connection *con, void *p_d); /* before close() of socket */
handler_t (* handle_trigger) (server *srv, void *p_d); /* once a second */
handler_t (* handle_sighup) (server *srv, void *p_d); /* at a sighup */
handler_t (* handle_waitpid) (server *srv, void *p_d, pid_t pid, int status); /* upon a child process exit */
void *(* init) ();
handler_t (* priv_defaults) (server *srv, void *p_d);
handler_t (* set_defaults) (server *srv, void *p_d);
handler_t (* worker_init) (server *srv, void *p_d); /* at server startup (each worker after fork()) */
void (* cleanup) (void *p_d);
const char *name;/* name of the plugin */
size_t version;
void *lib; /* dlopen handle */
int plugins_load(server *srv);
void plugins_free(server *srv);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_uri_raw(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_uri_clean(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_subrequest_start(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_response_start(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_request_env(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_request_done(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_docroot(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_physical(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_connection_reset(request_st *r);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_connection_accept(connection *con);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_connection_shut_wr(connection *con);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_connection_close(connection *con);
void plugins_call_handle_trigger(server *srv);
handler_t plugins_call_handle_waitpid(server *srv, pid_t pid, int status);
void plugins_call_handle_sighup(server *srv);
handler_t plugins_call_init(server *srv);
handler_t plugins_call_set_defaults(server *srv);
handler_t plugins_call_worker_init(server *srv);