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#include "first.h"
#include "base_decls.h"
#include "plugin_config.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "vector.h"
/* $HTTP["host"] == "" { ... }
* for print: comp_key op string
* for compare: comp cond string/regex
#ifdef HAVE_PCRE_H
struct pcre_extra; /* declaration */
typedef struct data_config data_config;
DEFINE_TYPED_VECTOR_NO_RELEASE(config_weak, data_config*);
struct data_config {
int context_ndx; /* more or less like an id */
comp_key_t comp;
config_cond_t cond;
/* nested */
data_config *parent;
/* for chaining only */
data_config *prev;
data_config *next;
buffer string;
#ifdef HAVE_PCRE_H
void *regex;
struct pcre_extra *regex_study;
int ext;
buffer comp_tag;
const char *comp_key;
vector_config_weak children;
array *value;
data_config *data_config_init(void);
int data_config_pcre_compile(data_config *dc, int pcre_jit, log_error_st *errh);
/*struct cond_cache_t;*/ /* declaration */ /*(moved to plugin_config.h)*/
/*int data_config_pcre_exec(const data_config *dc, struct cond_cache_t *cache, buffer *b);*/
typedef struct {
server *srv;
int ok;
array *all_configs;
vector_config_weak configs_stack; /* to parse nested block */
data_config *current; /* current started with { */
buffer *basedir;
} config_t;
void *configparserAlloc(void *(*mallocProc)(size_t));
void configparserFree(void *p, void (*freeProc)(void*));
void configparser(void *yyp, int yymajor, buffer *yyminor, config_t *ctx);
int config_parse_file(server *srv, config_t *context, const char *fn);
int config_parse_cmd(server *srv, config_t *context, const char *cmd);
int config_remoteip_normalize(buffer *b, buffer *tb);