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2020-01-31- next is 1.4.56HEADmasterGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
2020-01-30[build] Fix build when using nested CMakeraw1-1/+1
2019-05-27- next is 1.4.55Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2019-01-27- next is 1.4.54Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2018-11-28- next is 1.4.53Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2018-10-14- next is 1.4.52Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2018-08-13- next is 1.4.51Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2018-03-11- next is 1.4.50Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2017-11-12- next is 1.4.49Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2017-10-22- next is 1.4.48Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2017-10-21- next is 1.4.47Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2017-01-14- next is 1.4.46Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-12-24- next is 1.4.45Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-10-31- next is 1.4.44Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-10-30[build] move some build scripts to scripts/Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-10-16- next is 1.4.43Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-07-31- next is 1.4.42Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-07-31[cmake] set cmake_minimum_required to 2.8.2Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-07-16- next is 1.4.41Glenn Strauss1-1/+1
2016-01-03- next is 1.4.40Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2015-12-05- next ist 1.4.39Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2015-09-15-next is 1.4.38Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2015-08-22[cmake] lowercase commands, whitespace cleanup, remove clutter in else(...), ...Stefan Bühler1-18/+18
2015-07-26- next is 1.4.37Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2014-04-02- next is 1.4.36Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2014-01-20- next is 1.4.35Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2013-09-27- next is 1.4.34Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2012-11-21- next is 1.4.33Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2012-08-31- next is 1.4.32Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2011-12-18- next is 1.4.31Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2011-07-03- next is 1.4.30Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2010-08-22- next is 1.4.29Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2010-08-13- next is 1.4.28Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2010-02-07- next is 1.4.27Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2009-11-21- next is 1.4.26Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2009-10-26- next is 1.4.25Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2009-06-19- next is 1.4.24Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2009-03-07- next is 1.4.23Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2009-02-17- next is 1.4.22Stefan Bühler1-1/+1
2009-02-05[cmake] Fix package version in binaryStefan Bühler1-3/+4
2008-12-05[cmake] Add basic cmake supportStefan Bühler1-0/+26