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2019-02-16[core] poll: fdarray uses fd as index, not fde_ndxpersonal/stbuehler/fix-fdeventStefan Bühler1-2/+2
2019-02-16[core] don't call fd event handlers more than once, they might already be ↵Stefan Bühler2-2/+2
gone (fixes segfault)
2019-02-13[core] dispatch events from within event frameworkGlenn Strauss11-236/+118
event framework now calls interface to dispatch events rather than itself implementing multiple interfaces for fdevent_process() to be able to dispatch events generically.
2019-02-13[core] fix mixed use of srv->split_vals array (fixes #2932)Glenn Strauss1-0/+2
regression in mod_evhost in lighttpd 1.4.53 regression in mod_flv_streaming in lighttpd 1.4.51 - lighttpd 1.4.53 (thx moisseev) x-ref: "[regression] %0 pattern does not match hostnames without the domain part"
2019-02-13[core] simpler loops to run plugin hooksGlenn Strauss1-42/+14
2019-02-13[core] skip plugins_call_cleanup if not init'edGlenn Strauss1-2/+1
2019-02-12[core] connection_handle_write() updates con stateGlenn Strauss1-17/+3
(return value was always 0, so remove checks for other values)
2019-02-12[core] con->is_ssl_sockGlenn Strauss2-1/+4
flag to indicate if socket protocol is TLS (future use: will be needed with connection upgrade to https; not impl)
2019-02-12[multiple] reduce code dup in list resizingGlenn Strauss13-119/+22
reduce code duplication in list resizing realloc() of NULL ptr has behavior similar to malloc() Note that if initial size == 0, then code used to adjust size must be += x to ensure the size is non-zero for reallocation. (Multiplying 0 * x, e.g. power-2 resizing, will result in 0.)
2019-02-11[core] fix gw_backend spelling of directive in errGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
fix gw_backend spelling of bin-path directive in error message
2019-02-10[core] no keep-alive if POLLRDHUP,empty read queueGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
send Connection: close if POLLRDHUP received and read queue is empty
2019-02-10[core] discard oversized trailersGlenn Strauss1-0/+1
x-ref: "PVS-Studio Analysis Results"
2019-02-10[mod_auth] minor: adjust config validationGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
x-ref: "PVS-Studio Analysis Results"
2019-02-10[mod_deflate] honor request for x-gzip, x-bzip2Glenn Strauss1-15/+59
honor request for x-gzip, x-bzip2 if gzip, bzip2 not requested x-ref: "PVS-Studio Analysis Results"
2019-02-10[multiple] minor: remove duplicated conditionsGlenn Strauss2-5/+2
x-ref: "PVS-Studio Analysis Results"
2019-02-10[mod_accesslog] attempt to reconstruct req lineGlenn Strauss5-13/+6
cease http_request_parse_reqline() unconditionally copying request line, as request line is currently used only by mod_accesslog 'r' format
2019-02-10[core] RFC7230 HTTP-version parseGlenn Strauss3-47/+15
2019-02-09[core] get_http_method_key() match by strlen firstGlenn Strauss3-113/+114
2019-02-09[core] lift code out of request line parse loopGlenn Strauss1-53/+27
2019-02-09[core] http_request_parse() mark error paths coldGlenn Strauss3-197/+82
2019-02-09[core] mark log_error_write*() funcs coldGlenn Strauss1-0/+3
2019-02-08[core] replace con->response.keep_aliveGlenn Strauss4-22/+4
set con->keep_alive = 0 to indicate backend request to close connection
2019-02-08[core] pass req hdrs buffer to http_request_parseGlenn Strauss5-32/+28
2019-02-08[core] prefer buffer_caseless_compare()Glenn Strauss1-4/+1
prefer buffer_caseless_compare() to strcasecmp()
2019-02-08[core] make parse_request,request.request same bufGlenn Strauss1-8/+4
2019-02-08[core] copy request only if might need for loggingGlenn Strauss3-38/+37
copy request header only if we may need to log it upon error
2019-02-08[core] log_request_header_on_error in one placeGlenn Strauss1-65/+6
2019-02-08[core] parse request in connection_read_header()Glenn Strauss2-27/+26
2019-02-07[core] perf: optimize connection_read_header()Glenn Strauss1-112/+50
2019-02-04[core] helper funcs for connection_state_machine()Glenn Strauss1-132/+122
carve connection_state_machine() into separate functions per state
2019-02-04[core] quickly clear request buffer for reuseGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
2019-02-04[core] store joblist pointer on stackGlenn Strauss1-4/+4
2019-02-04[mod_staticfile] search ext array if not emptyGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
2019-02-04[core] remove server.hGlenn Strauss3-9/+2
2019-02-04[core] srv->max_fds_lowat and srv->max_fds_hiwatGlenn Strauss2-2/+7
2019-02-04[core] fdevent_process()Glenn Strauss3-40/+15
process fdevents in fdevent.c
2019-02-04[core] some server_main_loop() cleanupGlenn Strauss1-28/+27
2019-02-04[core] mark startup/shutdown funcs coldGlenn Strauss10-10/+88
2019-02-04[core] separate server_main_loop() func, mark hotGlenn Strauss2-49/+64
move server main loop into separate func and mark hot separate funcs for signal handling
2019-02-02[mod_evhost] handle IPv6 literal addr; add testsGlenn Strauss2-16/+52
2019-01-27- next is 1.4.54Glenn Strauss4-4/+4
2019-01-26[doc] NEWSlighttpd-1.4.53Glenn Strauss1-0/+42
2019-01-26[mod_openssl] ssl.privkey directive (optional)Glenn Strauss1-7/+16
ssl.privkey can be used to specify path to file containing private key in lieu of concatenating certificate and private key into single .pem
2019-01-26[core] Fix recursive include_shell invocationsMartin Storsjö1-2/+2
When the output of include_shell calls include_shell itself, that second invocation must not truncate the buffer used for the outer include_shell. This might sound like a pathological setup in itself, but with e.g. debian's, which outputs a list of include statements for all files in /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled, if any of the *.conf files in that directory invokes include_shell, the parsing of the rest of the files in that directory is effectively aborted. This fixes a regression since commit a46bc4f5de49c742e4bdc6ac7be6a4e567c8d92a in such setups. github: closes #95
2019-01-25[mod_openssl] ALPN and acme-tls/1 (fixes #2931)Glenn Strauss1-1/+194
ssl.acme-tls-1 = "/path/to/dir" containing .crt.pem and .key.pem named with the SNI name ("<SNI>.crt.pem" and "<SNI>.key.pem") x-ref: "Transport Layer Security (TLS) Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension" "ACME TLS ALPN Challenge Extension" (TLS-ALPN-01) "Support for TLS-ALPN-01"
2019-01-22[core] con->uri.scheme is maintained lowercaseGlenn Strauss1-3/+2
con->uri.scheme is maintained lowercase "http" or "https" so scheme string comparisons need not be case-insensitive
2019-01-22[mod_webdav] compare COPY, MOVE Destination schemeGlenn Strauss1-2/+4
compare COPY, MOVE Destination scheme with request URI scheme
2019-01-21[multiple] quiet clang --analyze where trivialGlenn Strauss5-5/+10
quiet clang --analyze warnings where trivial to do so
2019-01-21[multiple] calloc match ptr type (clang --analyze)Glenn Strauss5-5/+5
2019-01-21[mod_expire] look up expire fallback "" explicitlyGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
equivalent to prior code, but more direct (legibile in code) to look up empty string than to walk array. Might be marginally faster to walk array when the list is short, but the lookup is also fairly quick in that case, too.