AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
86 min.[mod_cgi] remove redundant calls to set FD_CLOEXECpersonal/gstrauss/masterGlenn Strauss1-2/+0
86 min.[core] skip excess close() when FD_CLOEXEC definedGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
86 min.[multiple] ./configure --with-nettle to use NettleGlenn Strauss13-24/+227
86 min.[tests] fix skip count in mod-fastcgi w/o php-cgiGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
86 min.[multiple] fix some cc warnings in 32-bit, powerpcGlenn Strauss5-20/+22
86 min.[multiple] correct misspellings in commentsGlenn Strauss42-124/+124
86 min.[mod_proxy] stream request using HTTP/1.1 chunked (fixes #3006)Glenn Strauss4-29/+64
6 hours[config] blank server.tag if whitespace-onlyGlenn Strauss1-0/+3
6 hours[doc] lighttpd.conf: lighttpd choose event-handlerGlenn Strauss1-7/+8
6 hours[build] fix build on MacOS X TigerGlenn Strauss2-0/+10
6 hours[mod_auth] "nonce_secret" option to validate nonce (fixes #2976)Glenn Strauss2-62/+124
6 hours[doc] src/t/READMEGlenn Strauss2-0/+5
6 hours[doc] add link to wiki in doc/outdated/ssl.txtGlenn Strauss1-7/+12
6 hours[core] parse header label before end of lineGlenn Strauss1-27/+28
6 hours[core] perf: tighten some code in some hot pathsGlenn Strauss3-27/+34
6 hours[core] use uint32_t in http_header.[ch]Glenn Strauss2-32/+32
6 hours[core] mark some chunk.c funcs as pureGlenn Strauss1-0/+4
6 hours[core] http_status_append() short-circuit 200 OKGlenn Strauss1-0/+5
6 hours[tests] use buffer_eq_slen() for str comparisonGlenn Strauss8-61/+48
6 hours[core] http_response_config()Glenn Strauss1-28/+30
6 hours[core] http_response_comeback()Glenn Strauss6-44/+87
6 hours[core] remove r->uri.path_raw; generate as neededGlenn Strauss10-21/+19
6 hours[mod_magnet] modify r->target with "uri.path-raw"Glenn Strauss1-33/+78
6 hours[core] http_request_parse_target()Glenn Strauss6-120/+146
6 hours[core] dispatch handler in handle_request funcGlenn Strauss2-16/+14
6 hours[tests] t/test_mod_userdirGlenn Strauss8-59/+239
6 hours[tests] stub out config funcs in test_mod_*Glenn Strauss6-33/+60
6 hours[core] C99 restrict on some base funcsGlenn Strauss8-98/+116
6 hours[core] r->uri.path always set, though might be ""Glenn Strauss9-10/+7
6 hours[multiple] split con, request (very large change)Glenn Strauss84-4304/+4358
24 hours[multiple] copy small struct instead of memcpy()Glenn Strauss30-30/+60
24 hours[core] store subrequest_handler instead of modeGlenn Strauss37-119/+112
24 hours[core] store (plugin *) in p->dataGlenn Strauss3-4/+8
24 hours[core] move request state into (request_st *)Glenn Strauss11-69/+68
24 hours[core] move addtl request-specific struct membersGlenn Strauss8-38/+38
24 hours[core] move plugin_ctx into (request_st *)Glenn Strauss21-78/+79
24 hours[core] move addtl request-specific struct membersGlenn Strauss26-153/+156
24 hours[core] move addtl request-specific struct membersGlenn Strauss28-163/+163
24 hours[core] move request start ts into (request_st *)Glenn Strauss5-16/+16
24 hours[mod_accesslog] log_access_record() fmt log recordGlenn Strauss1-18/+23
24 hours[core] (const connection *) in http_header_*_get()Glenn Strauss2-6/+6
24 hours[core] t/test_request.c using (request_st *)Glenn Strauss1-131/+125
24 hours[core] rename content_length to reqbody_lengthGlenn Strauss16-69/+69
24 hours[core] remove unused request_st member 'request'Glenn Strauss3-11/+4
24 hours[core] pass (request_st *) to request.c funcsGlenn Strauss6-109/+119
24 hours[core] move request_st,request_config to request.hGlenn Strauss2-90/+95
24 hours[core] rename specific_config to request_configGlenn Strauss2-9/+9
24 hours[core] pass http_parseopts around request.cGlenn Strauss1-21/+18
24 hours[core] pass scheme port to http_request_parse()Glenn Strauss4-5/+7
24 hours[core] move keep_alive flag into request_stGlenn Strauss9-33/+34