AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
35 hours[core] convenience macros to check req methodspersonal/gstrauss/masterGlenn Strauss8-32/+11
35 hours[core] static buffers for mtime_cacheGlenn Strauss7-43/+42
35 hours[core] include settings.h where usedGlenn Strauss4-1/+4
35 hours[mod_accesslog] flush file log buffer at 8k sizeGlenn Strauss1-1/+1
35 hours[mod_webdav] large buffer reuseGlenn Strauss1-28/+28
36 hours[core] fdevent uses uint32_t instead of size_tGlenn Strauss4-22/+21
36 hours[core] separate func log_error_open_breakagelog()Glenn Strauss1-1/+10
36 hours[core] store log filename in (log_error_st *)Glenn Strauss2-25/+18
36 hours[multiple] con->proto_default_portGlenn Strauss8-28/+24
36 hours[core] http_request_host_policy w/ http_parseoptsGlenn Strauss4-9/+13
36 hours[core] http_status_set_error_close()Glenn Strauss1-25/+22
36 hours[multiple] quiet clang compiler warningsGlenn Strauss4-7/+7
36 hours[multiple] store srv->tmp_buf in tb varGlenn Strauss9-68/+74
36 hours[core] inline buffer in log_error_st errhGlenn Strauss2-12/+11
36 hours[core] (minor) config_plugin_keys_t data packingGlenn Strauss1-4/+4
36 hours[multiple] rename r to rc rv rd wr to be differentGlenn Strauss12-197/+183
36 hours[multiple] generic config array type checkingGlenn Strauss39-499/+132
36 hours[mod_expire] parse config into structured dataGlenn Strauss1-58/+48
36 hours[multiple] stat_cache singletonGlenn Strauss26-450/+410
36 hours[multiple] reduce direct use of srv->errhGlenn Strauss9-143/+143
36 hours[multiple] extern log_epoch_secsGlenn Strauss20-87/+84
36 hours[multiple] reduce direct use of srv->cur_tsGlenn Strauss16-140/+126
36 hours[core] log_error_multiline_buffer()Glenn Strauss3-95/+50
36 hours[core] pass con around gw_backend instead of srvGlenn Strauss2-94/+88
36 hours[core] default chunk size 8k (was 4k)Glenn Strauss1-2/+2
36 hours[core] read up-to fixed size chunk before fionreadGlenn Strauss4-94/+104
36 hours[multiple] plugin_stats arrayGlenn Strauss25-195/+189
36 hours[multiple] connection hooks no longer get (srv *)Glenn Strauss66-435/+412
36 hours[core] create http chunk header on the stackGlenn Strauss8-168/+161
36 hours[multiple] prefer (connection *) to (srv *)Glenn Strauss81-2241/+2117
36 hours[core] connection_handle_errdoc() separate funcGlenn Strauss1-59/+61
36 hours[multiple] address coverity warningsGlenn Strauss3-14/+6
36 hours[core] gw_backend less pointer chasingGlenn Strauss2-40/+35
36 hours[core] gw_exts_clear_check_local()Glenn Strauss5-18/+15
36 hours[core] array_init() arg for initial sizeGlenn Strauss17-45/+35
36 hours[mod_auth] inline arrays in http_auth_require_tGlenn Strauss4-25/+17
36 hours[core] split cond cache from cond matchesGlenn Strauss9-74/+85
36 hours[core] isolate use of data_config, configfile.hGlenn Strauss10-131/+132
36 hours[core] stat_cache_path_contains_symlink use errhGlenn Strauss7-12/+12
36 hours[mod_wstunnel] change DEBUG_LOG to use log_error()Glenn Strauss1-103/+92
36 hours[core] run all trigger and sighup handlersGlenn Strauss4-30/+27
36 hours[multiple] plugin.c handles common FREE_FUNC codeGlenn Strauss51-601/+88
36 hours[core] remove old config_insert_values_*() funcsGlenn Strauss2-193/+0
36 hours[core] gw_backend config_plugin_values_init_blockGlenn Strauss3-149/+234
36 hours[core] config_plugin_values_init_block()Glenn Strauss2-150/+161
36 hours[core] collect more config logic into configfile.cGlenn Strauss5-95/+127
36 hours[core] use config_plugin_values_init()Glenn Strauss25-952/+1210
3 days[mod_openssl] use config_plugin_values_init()Glenn Strauss1-485/+719
3 days[core] config_get_config_cond_info()Glenn Strauss5-52/+69
3 days[multiple] gw_backends config_plugin_values_init()Glenn Strauss7-840/+1022