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[mod_cgi] cgi.local-redir = [enable|disable] (#2108, #2793)
new directive cgi.local-redir = [enable|disable] *disable* RFC3875 6.2.2 local-redir by default. (behavior change from when local-redir support added in lighttpd 1.4.40) The reason for this behavior change is that CGI local-redir support (RFC3875 6.2.2) is an optimization. Absence of support may result in additional latency in servicing a request due the additional round-trip to the client, but that was the prior behavior (before lighttpd 1.4.40) and is the behavior of web servers which do not support CGI local-redir. However, enabling CGI local-redir by default may result in broken links in the case where a user config (unaware of CGI local-redir behavior) returns HTML pages containing *relative* paths (not root-relative paths) which are relative to the location of the local-redir target document, and the local-redir target document is located at a different URL-path from the original CGI request. x-ref: RFC3875 CGI 1.1 specification section 6.2.2 Local Redirect Response "CGI local redirect not implemented correctly" "1.4.40 regression: broken redirect (using Location) between url.rewrite-once URLs"
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diff --git a/tests/lighttpd.conf b/tests/lighttpd.conf
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--- a/tests/lighttpd.conf
+++ b/tests/lighttpd.conf
@@ -119,6 +119,7 @@ fastcgi.server = (
) ),
+cgi.local-redir = "enable"
cgi.assign = (
".pl" => env.PERL,
".cgi" => env.PERL,