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authorGaƫl PORTAY <>2017-04-26 11:48:51 -0400
committerGlenn Strauss <>2017-05-15 22:02:33 -0400
commite8498bbfcc9141c0287745488a5a08b1ff33290a (patch)
treecb89c7f327811538c06780745ba41dbc8f2953af /src/stat_cache.c
parent7a27d5eff5ca1e49446e7088ca05a6492dd6d204 (diff)
[core] silence compiler warnings if !HAVE_FORK
silence compiler warnings if HAVE_FORK is not set However, if HAVE_FORK is not set, then -Werror was probably passed to ./configure, which is currently a mistake. lighttpd can successfully compiles src/ with -Werror on many platforms, but ./configure tests should not be run with -Werror. [gstrauss] github: closes #81 x-ref: "Fix warnings"
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diff --git a/src/stat_cache.c b/src/stat_cache.c
index 882ba6d4..796050dd 100644
--- a/src/stat_cache.c
+++ b/src/stat_cache.c
@@ -107,10 +107,13 @@ typedef struct stat_cache {
buffer *hash_key; /* temp-store for the hash-key */
} stat_cache;
+#ifdef HAVE_FAM_H
static handler_t stat_cache_handle_fdevent(server *srv, void *_fce, int revent);
stat_cache *stat_cache_init(server *srv) {
stat_cache *sc = NULL;
+ UNUSED(srv);
sc = calloc(1, sizeof(*sc));
force_assert(NULL != sc);