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committerGlenn Strauss <>2017-10-28 22:41:32 -0400
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[scons] sort with_* options, document missing options
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diff --git a/SConstruct b/SConstruct
index ff89aec9..5954c2ea 100644
--- a/SConstruct
+++ b/SConstruct
@@ -114,26 +114,32 @@ vars.AddVariables(
('bindir', 'binary directory', '${prefix}/bin'),
('sbindir', 'binary directory', '${prefix}/sbin'),
('libdir', 'library directory', '${prefix}/lib'),
- PackageVariable('with_mysql', 'enable mysql support', 'no'),
- PackageVariable('with_pgsql', 'enable pgsql support', 'no'),
- PackageVariable('with_dbi', 'enable dbi support', 'no'),
- PackageVariable('with_xml', 'enable xml support', 'no'),
- PackageVariable('with_pcre', 'enable pcre support', 'yes'),
PathVariable('CC', 'path to the c-compiler', None),
BoolVariable('build_dynamic', 'enable dynamic build', 'yes'),
BoolVariable('build_static', 'enable static build', 'no'),
BoolVariable('build_fullstatic', 'enable fullstatic build', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_sqlite3', 'enable sqlite3 support', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_memcached', 'enable memcached support', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_gdbm', 'enable gdbm support', 'no'),
+ BoolVariable('with_bzip2', 'enable bzip2 compression', 'no'),
+ PackageVariable('with_dbi', 'enable dbi support', 'no'),
BoolVariable('with_fam', 'enable FAM/gamin support', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_openssl', 'enable openssl support', 'no'),
+ BoolVariable('with_gdbm', 'enable gdbm support', 'no'),
+ BoolVariable('with_geoip', 'enable GeoIP support', 'no'),
BoolVariable('with_gzip', 'enable gzip compression', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_bzip2', 'enable bzip2 compression', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_lua', 'enable lua support for mod_cml', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_ldap', 'enable ldap auth support', 'no'),
BoolVariable('with_krb5', 'enable krb5 auth support', 'no'),
- BoolVariable('with_geoip', 'enable GeoIP support', 'no')
+ BoolVariable('with_ldap', 'enable ldap auth support', 'no'),
+ # with_libev not supported
+ # with_libunwind not supported
+ BoolVariable('with_lua', 'enable lua support for mod_cml', 'no'),
+ BoolVariable('with_memcached', 'enable memcached support', 'no'),
+ PackageVariable('with_mysql', 'enable mysql support', 'no'),
+ BoolVariable('with_openssl', 'enable openssl support', 'no'),
+ PackageVariable('with_pcre', 'enable pcre support', 'yes'),
+ PackageVariable('with_pgsql', 'enable pgsql support', 'no'),
+ BoolVariable('with_sqlite3', 'enable sqlite3 support', 'no'),
+ # with_uuid not supported
+ # with_valgrind not supported
+ # with_xattr not supported
+ PackageVariable('with_xml', 'enable xml support', 'no'),
env = Environment(