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authorGlenn Strauss <>2016-10-19 16:09:29 -0400
committerGlenn Strauss <>2016-10-19 16:38:47 -0400
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[mod_deflate] skip deflate if loadavg too high (fixes #1505)
[mod_deflate] skip deflate if 1 min loadavg too high deflate.max-loadavg = "3.50" # express value as string of float num [mod_compress] skip compression if 1 min loadavg too high compress.max-loadavg = "3.50" # express value as string of float num Feature available on BSD-like systems which have getloadavg() in libc Note: load average calculations are different on different operating systems and different types of system loads, so there is no value that can be recommended for one-size-fits-all. x-ref: "Enable mod_compress to abandon compression when load average is too high"
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diff --git a/SConstruct b/SConstruct
index cda2f7d3..98fe4d77 100644
--- a/SConstruct
+++ b/SConstruct
@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ if 1:
getuid select signal pathconf madvise prctl\
writev sigaction sendfile64 send_file kqueue port_create localtime_r posix_fadvise issetugid inet_pton \
memset_s explicit_bzero clock_gettime \
- getentropy arc4random jrand48 srandom'))
+ getentropy arc4random jrand48 srandom getloadavg'))
checkFunc(autoconf, 'getrandom', 'linux/random.h')
checkTypes(autoconf, Split('pid_t size_t off_t'))