debug fastcgi streams while forwarding them
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  1. .TH fcgi\-debug 1 "Feb 3, 2009"
  2. .SH NAME
  3. fcgi\-debug \- debugs fastcgi streams
  5. The fastcgi binary you want to debug
  7. fcgi\-debug helps you to trace what happens with your fastcgi programs without having to strace them;
  8. it just sits between webserver and your fastcgi program and forwards all content while analysing it.
  9. For running you probably want spawn\-fcgi (either from lighttpd, or from\-fcgi/about/)
  11. Example usage (starts a fastcgi server listening on port 1026):
  12. spawn\-fcgi \-C 0 \-p 1026 \-n \-\- /usr/bin/fcgi\-debug /usr/bin/php5\-cgi
  13. .SH AUTHOR
  14. fcgi\-debug was written by Stefan Bühler.
  15. .PP
  16. This manual page was written by Stefan Bühler <>
  17. for the Debian project (but may be used by others).