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2011-02-16ws cleanup, changesMarc Alexander Lehmann1-1/+1
2008-01-31first round of ev_asyncMarc Alexander Lehmann1-0/+1
2008-01-28udpate to 1.4.1-beta, dohMarc Alexander Lehmann1-13/+11
2007-11-12*** empty log message ***Marc Alexander Lehmann1-11/+10
2007-11-12workaround for solaris 9's lack of standard C language header filesMarc Alexander Lehmann1-1/+1
2007-11-08*** empty log message ***Marc Alexander Lehmann1-0/+2
2007-11-08*** empty log message ***Marc Alexander Lehmann1-0/+1
2007-11-03try to programmatically integrate libeventMarc Alexander Lehmann1-0/+225