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authorMarc Alexander Lehmann <>2013-12-27 06:01:21 +0000
committerMarc Alexander Lehmann <>2013-12-27 06:01:21 +0000
commitc4bba4548e38ec99cc93fcdb2dd753dc8f54c9d8 (patch)
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diff --git a/ev.h b/ev.h
index c5d582e..38a507e 100644
--- a/ev.h
+++ b/ev.h
@@ -658,8 +658,10 @@ EV_API_DECL void ev_set_timeout_collect_interval (EV_P_ ev_tstamp interval) EV_T
/* advanced stuff for threading etc. support, see docs */
EV_API_DECL void ev_set_userdata (EV_P_ void *data) EV_THROW;
EV_API_DECL void *ev_userdata (EV_P) EV_THROW;
-EV_API_DECL void ev_set_invoke_pending_cb (EV_P_ void (*invoke_pending_cb)(EV_P)) EV_THROW;
-EV_API_DECL void ev_set_loop_release_cb (EV_P_ void (*release)(EV_P), void (*acquire)(EV_P) EV_THROW) EV_THROW;
+typedef void (*ev_loop_callback)(EV_P);
+EV_API_DECL void ev_set_invoke_pending_cb (EV_P_ ev_loop_callback invoke_pending_cb) EV_THROW;
+typedef void (*ev_loop_callback_nothrow)(EV_P) EV_THROW;
+EV_API_DECL void ev_set_loop_release_cb (EV_P_ ev_loop_callback_nothrow release, ev_loop_callback_nothrow acquire) EV_THROW;
EV_API_DECL unsigned int ev_pending_count (EV_P) EV_THROW; /* number of pending events, if any */
EV_API_DECL void ev_invoke_pending (EV_P); /* invoke all pending watchers */
@@ -730,7 +732,7 @@ EV_API_DECL void ev_resume (EV_P) EV_THROW;
/* stopping (enabling, adding) a watcher does nothing if it is already running */
-/* stopping (disabling, deleting) a watcher does nothing unless its already running */
+/* stopping (disabling, deleting) a watcher does nothing unless it's already running */
/* feeds an event into a watcher as if the event actually occurred */