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@@ -106,7 +106,17 @@ PREPROCESSOR SYMBOLS
done: if no other method takes over, select will be it. Otherwise
the select backend will not be compiled in.
+ If defined to 1, then the select backend will use the system fd_set
+ structure. This is useful if libev doesn't compile due to a missing
+ NFDBITS or fd_mask definition or it misguesses the bitset layout on
+ exotic systems. This usually limits the range of file descriptors
+ to some low limit such as 1024 or might have other limitations
+ (winsocket only allows 64 sockets). The FD_SETSIZE macro, set
+ before compilation, might influence the size of the fd_set used.
When defined to 1, the select backend will assume that select
doesn't understand file descriptors but wants osf handles on
@@ -118,9 +128,8 @@ PREPROCESSOR SYMBOLS
If defined to be "1", libev will compile in support for the poll(2)
- backend. No attempt at autodetection will be done. poll usually
- performs worse than select, so its not enabled by default (it is
- also slightly less portable).
+ backend. Otherwise it will be enabled on non-win32 platforms. It
+ takes precedence over select.